Class Descriptions

Prana Flow Yoga: A flowing, challenging All levels Vinyasa class with lots of Namaskars (Sun or Moon Salutations ) Core work and Peak Asana sequencing. This class is themed and designed around a specific Asana or” Key action” in the body. Typically this class progresses in nature from week to week and the  Peak  Poses will vary  Seasonally.  Best for injury free “Athletic Beginners” to ” Advanced Practitioners”.  Modifications are always provided as well as alternative Asana choices. 75-90 minutes…depends on what we are working on!

Gentle/Slow Flow Yoga:  This is a great option for anyone who wishes to slow down and enjoy more breath connection and become more embodied without all the Vinyasas! We begin with a slow opening lots of breath integration and modified simple Namaskars. A “No Chaturanga” class with  slower transitions from Asana to Asana. Great class for everyone beginner to advanced students! If you have no yoga experience please schedule a free consultation prior to taking your first class to go over some simple alignment and yoga concepts! If you have been away from your practice for a while this is a great way to ease back!

Open Level 2/3 Vinyasa Yoga: Ideal for Intermediate or Advanced students with a regular yoga practice. Also a challenging class for very Strong Athletes, Long Distance Runners and Triathletes.  Special rate $5 for all  “actively teaching” Yoga instructors. The room is heated sometimes  to help release toxins and increase flexibility. A great way to start your weekend! May or may not follow Prana Flow sequencing format!

Level 1/2 Vinyasa Yoga: Ideal class for  active, injury free beginners. The next step after Beginner Yoga. Ideal for those who are ready to try  more challenging Vinyasas and can complete several  rounds of Sun or Moon Salutations. This class follows Prana Flow sequencing  with less complicated Sun or Moon Salutations, core work and then a simple flow  with modified Asanas.  No complicated poses such as arm balances are in the sequences.  Lots of simple restorative  closing Asanas and  Savasana. Ideal class for those who have some yoga experience but may have been away from their Mat for a while or for those who want to warm up before a run or bike ride. Bring your cycle  or running shoes along and enjoy our beautiful country roads with hills galore.  75 minutes  with option to leave after 60 minutes and skip closing Savasana.

Beginner Yoga:  Currently we are in the middle of a beginner yoga session if you would like to join this class please schedule a free consultation to introduce you to some basics so you may ease your way in to the group!

***Attention  Beginners: Many options are available for those new to Yoga or Pilates. All new students are eligible for a free ” intake”  and consultation to evaluate the best classes or options for you as an individual. Private or small groups can begin their own practices by appointment to ease them into  our regular class schedule at their own pace. Please see rates for all possibilities!  Click here to schedule a free consultation. We may encourage you to begin classes at Mountain Spirit Yoga in Middletown for a session to help  meet your needs.