Dragon Flower Yoga

Dragonflower Yoga is a home based Yoga studio in Middletown, located on a beautiful historic farm property near Cactoctin creek.  From the studio we have  expansive views  of the valley,  our large stocked  pond  and 25 acres of serene  paths,  creeks,  and  wildflowers  to explore. We specialize in creating unique yoga practices designed for the individual or group.  Please feel free to bring your youth group, athletic team, scout troop, church group, or club for a Yoga class, Pilates class or workshop, easily scheduled at your convenience.  There are infinite possibilities for Private,  Semi-Private  or Small Group instruction as well as individualized injury recovery practices.  A Home practice can be created for you as well to meet any specific needs or goals and to keep you safe and aligned when practicing on your own. We specialize in teaching Athletes of all ages we and can work with any High School Athletic team.  A unique Yoga Practice can be developed while working with Coaches and Trainers to create the best possible yoga experience for their team.  All new students are eligible of a free consultation and “intake” so that we can recommend the best possible Yoga or Pilates practices and training for you. We look forward to providing Yoga and Pilates that will meet your ever changing schedules and can adapt as needed to your life’s Unique Flow.