Yoga for Athletes

Dragonflower Yoga provides training for any individual athlete, athletic team, or Group. We can teach from our home studio or will travel to your School or Work out Facility. Kimmer will work closely with coaches and trainers to create a specialized yoga or pilates program for your specific sport. We can easily create a yoga sequence, targeting  specific  areas of the Athletes body that are in  need  of opening, strengthening,  lengthening or even nurturing .  These Individualized Practices can be developed to meet the demands of any sport and can easily be taught to coaches, trainers or athletes to insure a safe injury free home Practice. Vinyasa yoga and pilates are perfect additions to your  athletic training, helping to increase strength, flexibility, balance and  stamina. In addition to all the physical benefits, yoga can improve any Athletes  mental stregnth, focus, confidence and body awareness.  All Athletes can benefit from the inner connection and awareness that naturally occurs from regular yoga practice. Kimmer has trained the Middletown High School varsity and junior varsity wrestling teams, girls track and field and girls lacrosse teams as well as the  Monocacy Aquatic Club Swim team.. View the videos to see what Coaches and Athletes have to say about incorporating yoga into their trainings. All Sport teams prices are negotiable depending on the amount of students and the location details. We can easily accommodate up to 26 students at our home studio and are surrounded by miles of beautiful country roads with lots of challenging hills to conquer and explore in running shoes or on bikes. Please feel free to have your team or group run or cycle before or after a yoga practice. Visit classes and offering tab to view rates.





“I had seen Kimmer working with the girls track team and asked her  if she would like to work with the lacrosse team.  I was interested in having the girls learn how to focus mentally and physically. Kimmer was very flexible with times and places for the girls to do the work out.  The team benefited from the yoga/Pilates sessions; the girls felt a difference in their core and were able see results from the mental and physical aspects in preparation for competition.”

Gretchen Martin

Family and Consumer Science Teacher, MHS Sophomore Class Advisor
Girls Varsity Lacrosse Coach
High School Liaison, WMD Chapter, US Lacrosse